Gingrich Explains Why Dems Are Demanding To Change Voting Laws

I think at least half the country could take a guess at this. The Dem have been known to rig an election, (2020). I mean just look at the 2016 election, it is a known fact that Hillary rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders and pretty much owned the DNC. We are lucky she only rigged the primary. But Dems are trying to ensure that they have a chance of winning upcoming elections as well despite Biden’s approval rating hurting their odds. So now they are fighting to get voting laws passed. Gingrich explained this during a recent interview on FOX News.

NEWT GINGRICH: “Gallup just reported that Biden entered the year with the Democrats having a 9-point advantage in party identity and ended the year with the Republicans having a 5-point advantage in party identity. Party identity is a very hard thing to shift. They shifted it 14 points if you add the two together. 14 points in one year in reaction to the Biden presidency. 

And I think part of it is reality … you have 101 ships still sitting off Long Beach, California. You have a logistic supply chain mess. You have the former head of Walmart saying his stores look like the Soviet era in Russia. They can’t put anything on the shelves. I think people look at all of this and they feel it every time they fill up their car. And they see a system that’s failing. And they don’t see any evidence that the Biden team realizes that.”

Democrats, he added, are “absolutely fixed on their radical wing, they believe in big government socialism, which just doesn’t work, and they desperately have to change the election law because if they can’t find a way to rig the elections, they’re going to get wiped out.

“I think they know that. They know that in a straight-up honest election where everybody has to prove who they are that, in fact, they’re going to lose,” he added.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

It seems pretty obvious that Biden and Dems want to capitalize on all of the illegals they have let into our country. So of course Dems are trying to make our elections practically open to anyone who lives here regardless of if they are a legal citizen or not.

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