Gingrich Reveals How Dems Plan To Pull Off This ‘Blue Wave’

Newt Gingrich shed some light on Democrats who have begun to funnel money into red States. I guess the Idea here is that the Dems could make a ‘blue wave’ so no they’re going to buy one?

Gingrich’s report shows the latest State to be targeted by liberal elitists was Georgia and guess who one of the biggest donors to their cause has been? None other than George Soros, who reportedly gave $1 million so far.

The $1 million Soros donation on June 27 is the second to a Democratic campaign cause this year by an out-of-state contributor: San Francisco investor Susan Sandler gave $1 million in March to a political action committee backing Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams. She’d given $250,000 to the same PAC a few weeks earlier, AJC Politics reported.

As Reported By Gingrich On Fox News:

A massive flow of money from liberal donors in California and New York is pouring into traditionally Republican states and districts. We first saw this blue wave of cash during the special elections held to replace the Congressmen and Senators who were appointed to the Trump Administration. The most notable was the race between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff in my old district, the 6th District of Georgia.

This Georgia special election was the most expensive in history. According to The New York Times, the campaigns raised about $28 million – with the bulk, $23.6 million going to Ossoff. Of Ossoff’s haul, 82 percent was from outside Georgia, and the majority of contributions came from notoriously left-wing states, like California and New York.

This blue wave of cash is happening in Texas, too. Gina Jones, the Democratic challenger to Republican Will Hurd has collected 99 percent of her donations from outside the 23rd District. Similarly, Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat challenging Senator Ted Cruz was recently profiled by Variety for his various fundraising trips to Hollywood to finance his campaign.

So that’s the new plan. Instead of a blue wave, Democrats are going to try and buy those seats. I think they’ll find that it will take more than their open wallets to change the minds of the American people. So long as patriots get out and vote they won’t stand a chance.