Giuliani’s Fed Up With Mueller’s “Fishing Expedition” – Show Me Evidence Then We’ll Talk

President Trump’s lawyer, former NY Mayor, Rudy Giuliani is sick of the Mueller team bull. He expressed as much in an interview Friday With the New York Times. As confidence from in Mueller’s abilities dies down on both sides of the party lines, talks continue about the Special Council stepping aside.

According to The Hill, Giuliani said in early June that Trump would refuse to sit down for an interview unless he first saw documents pertaining to the FBI’s use of an informant during the 2016 campaign. The lawyer had previously said the White House simply wanted a briefing on information shared with lawmakers.

And later in June, Giuliani said that for him, an interview with the special counsel was “off the table” until certain demands were met.

“It’s never off the table for the president, because he feels he’s done nothing wrong, which he hasn’t, and he wants to explain himself,” Giuliani told The Hill’s “Rising” program. “For me as his lawyer, it’s off the table until they can show me what happened.”

Giuliani told The Times on Friday that Trump’s legal team is also now pushing back against Mueller’s request to interview White House chief of staff John Kelly, demanding to know what the questioning would include.

Giuliani has stated in the past that Mueller’s teams have shown far too much political bias to be trusted. referring to the heavily documented misconduct of former FBI Director James Comey, Agent Strzok, and his ‘close friend’ Lisa Page- as seen in the IG report.

As Reported In The New York Times:

Mr. Trump’s lawyers are quietly more combative, too, contesting a request from the special counsel to interview John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff. Emmet T. Flood, the lead White House lawyer in dealing with the investigation, has demanded to know what investigators want to ask Mr. Kelly and has tried to narrow the scope of their questions. A month after the request was made, Mr. Kelly has not been questioned, though a White House official said he was willing to be.

“That’s the new position. If they had made the request eight months ago, they would have said yes because they thought there was a group of people on Mueller’s team who had an open mind and were objective,” Mr. Giuliani said of the president’s previous lawyers, most of whom have left the legal team.

The effort appears to be bearing some fruit. According to a Washington Post-Schar School poll released on Friday, 45 percent of Americans disapprove of how Mr. Mueller is handling the investigation, a 14-point increase from January.

“Nobody is going to consider impeachment if public opinion has concluded this is an unfair investigation, and that’s why public opinion is so important,” Mr. Giuliani said.



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