Fauxcahontas Eats Crow: Gowdy Slams The Door On Warren’s Ego On The Way Out

Elizabeth Warren has been making the news recently with her presidential campaign announcement. But it seems much like her false claims about her heritage she has made another blunder when she attacked Trey Gowdy.

Warren slighted Gowdy on Twitter claiming that he was now a greedy lobbyist.

“.@TGowdySC foamed at the mouth with power in Congress, then retired because he claimed he didn’t enjoy it. Now it’s clear: Trey Gowdy just wanted a fat lobbyist paycheck. That should be illegal.”

But she soon was corrected as Gowdy saw her tweet and let her have it. 

“.@ewarren I’m not lobbying. Not now. Or ever. Perhaps you were cracking open a beer when that was announced. Don’t mind your criticisms. Just be more sensitive to facts.”

Warren was basing her claim on an article by the Daily Caller. The article claims that after Congress was sworn in for the new session Trey Gowdy went back to his old job at a law firm.

“The former Republican South Carolina representative will join Nelson Mullins, the South Carolina-based law and lobbying firm announced.

Gowdy, 54, worked at Nelson Mullins through 1994, when he left the firm to become an assistant federal prosecutor.”

So Warren assumed that Gowdy would be a lobbyist instead of a lawyer.  From that innocent article, she decided that Gowdy was a power hungry, greedy lobbyist, that was using his ties for personal gain.

But then again this is Warren she had her DNA tested and proved Trump right about her heritage. You’d think she would keep her heritage to herself after getting the results but instead, she called herself out as a liar.

Warren should see this as a sign that she should hang up her hat or at least have the good sense to withdraw herself from the presidential race early. Because Trump is going to destroy her.

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