Grandmother Protects Her Family From Robber The American Way!

This is something gun grabbers don’t understand. Guns are tools. They help defend a home from criminals.

There are countless lives saved because a homeowner has the means to defend themselves. In this case, a Grandma took on a 42-year-old. You know what gave her and her family a fighting chance, a gun.

A man identified as Gregory Hardy, 42, knocked on the door of the woman’s home around 7:30 p.m. and demanded money.

The woman who answered the door refused and a confrontation ensued. When the woman’s husband came to her aid, the two men started to struggle, according to the sheriff’s office.

That’s when the woman, a grandmother, got her handgun and demanded that Hardy leave, the sheriff’s office reported.

“Instead, Hardy advanced toward her,” the media release states. “In fear of her life and that of her husband’s, she fired a couple of times, striking Hardy at least once in the lower body.”

Hardy did not immediately leave, but eventually got into a vehicle outside and drove off.

Authorities say he was found at a home nearby, where he had collapsed. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The woman’s grandchildren, age 3, 5 and 12, and their parents, were home at the time, YCSO said. She suffered minor injuries in the struggle with Hardy.”

The grandchildren tried to help but were directed to stay put.

This is one awesome grandma. Not only will she likely spoil the kids with treats she also knows how to keep her family safe.

I wonder why this story is not making the mainstream news? I guess the MSM doesn’t like happy stories where families defend themselves. Or is it that this disproves their ridiculous notions about how guns are bad, and somehow are responsible for killing people, yet they are not sentient or able to hurt anyone unless wielded