Green Peace Founder Calls AOC “A Pompous Little Twit”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has proven to be more than a little outspoken. Unfortunately for her she has removed all doubt that she is a fool.

AOC is on Twitter almost as often as Trump. The popular socialist has made many foolish tweets and has found herself a critic that is sick of hearing her lies, Ph.D. Patrick Moore.

Moore is constantly correcting her on Twitter, as he must feel compelled to steer people in the right direction, away from AOC. He most recently went after AOC for her hypocritical lifestyle.

Ocasio Cortez had posted a rebuttal to a New York Post that had also caught on to her hypocrisy.

“I also fly ✈️ & use A/C

Living in the world as it is isn’t an argument against working towards a better future.

The Green New Deal is about putting a LOT of people to work in developing new technologies, building new infrastructure, and getting us to 100% renewable energy.”

Moore quickly stepped in and destroyed the young socialist.

“The “world as it is” has the option of taking the subway rather than a taxi. option of Amtrak rather than plane, option of opening windows rather than A/C. You’re just a garden-variety hypocrite like the others. And you have ZERO expertise at any of the things you pretend to know.”

But this is not the first time that Moore has left AOC speechless. He also called her out when she made a tyrannical statement on Twitter about The Green New Deal.


“Yup. If you don’t like the , then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.

Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.”


“Pompous little twit. You don’t have a plan to grow food for 8 billion people without fossil fuels, or get the food into the cities. Horses? If fossil fuels were banned every tree in the world would be cut down for fuel for cooking and heating. You would bring about mass death.”

It looks like AOC has met her match. Maybe now she will take the time to look into things as opposed to her normal uneducated babble.

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