Gun Control Group Attempts To Ban “Assault Weapons” In Florida

Looks like the gun control activists are at it again this time in Florida. Gun control group “Ban Assault Weapons Now” is pushing to put an amendment to ban assault rifles on the upcoming Florida 2020 ballot. They believe that Americans are sick of assault rifles and the tragedies that they have been used in. BAWN like many gun control groups is under the belief that the weapons are causing these tragedies.

According to their website, they are starting with Florida.

“Florida law allows its citizens to propose amendments to the state constitution by petition, which will then be placed before voters in a general election. The NRA and gun manufacturers may hold sway over politicians, but they don’t control our voices, our votes. The numbers are on our side. According to a February 20th poll from MSNBC, 67 percent of Americans support an assault weapons ban. A poll from Florida Atlantic University reports that 70 percent of Florida voters favor an assault weapons ban.”

The proposal would define assault weapons, in part, as being “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once.” While it would ban possession of the weapons, it would include exemptions for military or law-enforcement uses. Also, it would include an exemption for people who had the weapons before the ban went into effect but would add a registration requirement.”

But like the MSM they are focusing on the wrong aspect of these tragedies. They are also wrong about assault weapons as they are not the most prevalent weapon.

According to a study by The Rockefeller Institute of Government:

The majority of mass shooting events were carried out with a single firearm (67.1 percent), although multiple weapons were used in approximately one-third of events (Figure 2). Handguns were the most commonly used weapon, with at least one being used in 75.6 percent of events (Figure 3). When only a single weapon was involved, handguns were significantly more likely to be used than any other type of gun (68.9 percent of events).[13] In 28.5 percent of events, at least one rifle was used. To a lesser extent (0.9 percent), other types of guns, such as machine guns, were used by shooters.”

BAWN would likely need upwards of 700k signatures in order to get their amendment added to the ballot. So hopefully Floridians come to their sense and pass on it.

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