Haley Corrects The NYT’s Fake News Story They Wrote About 50k Curtains

The New York Times is once again proving that they are reporting anything but the news. They recently claimed that Nikki Haley was lavishly decorating her office with 52 thousand dollar curtains. The curtains are state of the art that open electronically. But they are incredible excessive and were of course bought by her predecessor during the Obama administration.

Martha MacCallum from “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Fox interviewed Haley and found that The New York Times ran a story they knew was false.

MacCallum asked Haley about how she felt about the recent NYT story.

“Unfortunately, if you are in public service this the life you live every day it is just a matter of this one got through. You know we are stopping stories every day┬áthat are not truthful or don’t have the facts,” Haley Responded. “So this one, I hadn’t even taken the job when these curtains were picked out. So the idea that this came out, we told the reporters that these were the facts. They knew the facts and released the story anyway.”

MacCallum couldn’t believe that and asked “You talked to The New York Times and said this isn’t the case and they printed it anyway?

“They printed it anyway. It was down in the story in like the 7th paragraph down at the bottom,” Haley replied

“And they had to post a retraction so that’s twice,” MacCallum commented

“Yes, But all last weekend every day where ever I went people were asking me about my curtains. The damage is done once the story is out. I appreciate the retraction but that story follows you everywhere that you go. That’s the tough part about public life now.”


After clarifying that the New York Times was once again wrong, Haley was asked how she felt about the Kavanaugh-Ford situation.

“It turns my stomach. It really turns my stomach. I mean, Ms. Ford needs to be heard, But Brett Kavanaugh needs to be heard. The Senate has a responsibility here, they have to lead, they have to make sure it is fair, they have to make sure it is responsible and they have got to take the politics out of this situation.”

Haley then went on to say that she felt they should stick to the timeline neither of the parties should have “this drag out” and everyone should be heard.

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