Kamala Harris Claims Americans Were Not Upset About Kaepernick’s Disrespect

Dem Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris came up with a weird conspiracy while being interviewed, during a radio show called  “The Breakfast Club.” Harris claimed that it was not Americans that were upset by all the kneeling Kaepernick was doing, it was Russian bots.

“You know people have said if you look at, for example, the whole, remember the whole, the heat that ended up around the bend the knee and Colin Kaepernick?” she asked.

“Many smart people have said it actually was not a thing, the Russian bots started taking that on,” Harris stated.

“Do you feel like you’re being targeted by Russian bots right now?” asked a radio host.

“Well we already know we are,” Harris answered clearly paranoid.

Watch The Clip Below.

A poll was taken showing that most Republicans and Independents believe Colin Kaepernick’s actions were inappropriate.

More than eight in 10 Republicans say the protests are inappropriate, while just 10 percent disagree. For Democrats, it’s 72 percent appropriate, 23 percent not appropriate.

Independents also call the protests inappropriate by a margin of about 15 points, with 57 percent calling them inappropriate and 42 percent disagreeing.”

Kaepernick has persistently been a thorn in the side of any American that is patriotic. We have all seen him disrespecting the flag regularly. Now he is with Nike and is still making outrageous claims. Like how he called the 13-star colonial American flag shoe design racist, when it was to commemorate Independence Day. I wonder if he actually knows the meaning of the word.

Kamala Harris is ridiculous to think that Americans were not offended by Kaepernick. All she needs to do is check out the ratings of the NFL during Kaepernick’s protests. He was costing the NFL big money.

Patriotism is not Russian propaganda. It just seems that way to Dems as they don’t understand how anyone could love our country as much as we do.

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