Harvard Foolishly Rescinds Offer To Kyle Kashuv

The Prestigious Harvard University is showing it’s true colors. Harvard recently rescinded their offer to Kyle Kushuv, a pro-gun rights advocate that gained popularity after his school was attacked during the Parkland Shooting. The School claims it is due to a leaked google doc where Kushuv made some derogatory remarks as well as a racial slur back before the shooting.

Kashuv apologized for the leaked google doc content.

“We were 16-year-olds making idiotic comments, using callous and inflammatory language in an effort to be as extreme and shocking as possible,” he tweeted. “The comments I made are not indicative of who I am or who I’ve become in the years since.”

But Harvard was not interested in his apology.

Kashuv tried to reason with Harvard explaining that he had already reached out to Harvard’s Office of Diversity and explained that he was doing everything in his power to make it right.

Kashuv commented about it on Twitter.

After receiving Harvard’s letter revoking my acceptance, I responded by asking for the opportunity to have an in-person meeting to make my case face to face and work towards any possible path of reconciliation. Harvard responded by declining my meeting request.”

Harvard deciding that someone can’t grow, especially after a life-altering event like the shooting, is deeply concerning. If any institution should understand growth, it’s Harvard, which is looked to as the pinnacle of higher education despite its checkered past.”

Throughout its history, Harvard’s faculty has included slave owners, segregationists, bigots and antisemites. If Harvard is suggesting that growth isn’t possible and that our past defines our future, then Harvard is an inherently racist institution. But I don’t believe that.”

I believe that institutions and people can grow. I’ve said that repeatedly. In the end, this isn’t about me, it’s about whether we live in a society in which forgiveness is possible or mistakes brand you as irredeemable, as Harvard has decided for me.

So what now? I’m figuring it out. I had given up huge scholarships in order to go to Harvard, and the deadline for accepting other college offers has ended. I’m exploring all options at the moment.”

It looks like Harvard is going after the Kashuv for his conservative views, especially since it has been polled as an overwhelmingly liberal school. Outside of that, it seems like a pretty petty move. Teens make stupid comments all the time. Harvard is being extreme rescinding their offer, but maybe he is better off if they are this ridiculous.

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