Hollyweird Actress Convinces Biden To Support Federally Funded Abortion

Biden has given up on the one thing that set him apart from other Dem candidates. Biden changed his mind about the Hyde law after talking to Alyssa Milano. I guess she is his new political advisor, since she changed his long-held belief that the government should not be paying for abortions.

“I can’t justify leaving millions of women out of access to care they need and the ability to exercise their constitutionally protected right. If I believe healthcare is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s ZIP code.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Milano tweeted about it feeling triumphant about pushing Biden.

“.@JoeBiden just came out saying, after listening to women in the last 24 hrs, he WILL repeal the Hyde Amendment. I repeat, Joe Biden just came out against the Hyde Amendment.

Thanks, Joe. For listening to the American people. And thank you to the women who raised their voices.”

It seems like Biden couldn’t handle being the only Dem against federally funded abortion.

The only thing that had changed was that he was now under attack from almost all of his 2020 rivals, from other major Democratic players, and from people within his campaign.

Biden’s aides say they want this to be seen not as a political move, but as a thoughtful evolution squeezed into a frantic Wednesday and Thursday. The official Biden-campaign line is that changing his position proves he’s acting on principle. “Vice President Biden’s honesty and candor are big reasons why his candidacy is resonating all across the country. Voters respond to his authenticity, and want a president with values that are nothing like the current occupant of the White House,” said the Biden-campaign press secretary TJ Ducklo in a prepared statement. “This is about health care, not politics. We’re in an unprecedented moment of crisis for choice in this country, and Vice President Biden believes he can no longer support an amendment that blocks access to health care that women need. That’s why he made this decision yesterday.”

The Hyde Amendment was first passed more than 40 years ago in response to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling, which established a woman’s right to abortion. It’s been reauthorized in annual government spending bills ever since, barring Medicaid, Medicare and other federal health programs from paying for abortions.

Opponents of the ban say it disproportionately impacts low-income women, particularly women of color.

Biden’s support for the 40-year ban was a departure from the position of the Democratic National Committee and every Democrat running for president.”

So is Biden going to be asking Milano her opinion on everything now? Or just when he needs to flip flop on an issue?

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