Hollyweird Director Reiner Claims Trump Has Weakened America

Rob Reiner known for “All In The Family” and the “The Princess Bride” went on a tirade on Twitter bashing Trump. In┬áhis later years, as you can see, he has taken to Liberal activism.

He like many Dems is upset that Trump gave the State of the Union Address. Like Waters and Hillary he is not one to hold back when it comes to his feeling about the president.

Reiner took to Twitter to attack the president.

“The SOTU can never be strong if it is headed by a pathological liar. It can never be strong if it is headed by a misogynist. It can never be strong if it is headed by a racist. And it can never be strong if it is headed by a self serving criminal. The SOTU is rancid.”

Tonight the media will turn the oldest living Democracy into a reality show by allowing a pathological liar to treat American citizens like suckers. THERE IS NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER!”

I guess he is also a Border Patrol agent with a comment like that… Reiner forgets that America has a booming economy and that our unemployment rate is at an all-time low. But I guess those are not signs of strength. He also forgets that we on better terms with North Korea than any time during Obama’s term. As it stands America is not weaker. We are stronger as Trump is actually looking out for America unlike his predecessors and getting us out of deals that put us at a disadvantage.

As far as the border is concerned. There is a serious concern there. We have waves of caravans coming at our border and lack the appropriate border security to keep these migrants at bay. But Reiner like most Libs can’t see that. He just watches the MSM and absorbs their Kumbaya nonsense about an open border.

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