Hollywood Activists Are Outraged Over Senator Collins Yes Vote To Kavanaugh

The long-awaited Kavanaugh Appointment is thankfully over and the Democrats can’t believe it. They thought their stalls were going to change something. The Democrats are particularly upset with Senator Collins who they felt should have sided against the appointment, since she is a woman. They can’t fathom that she would see through all of their tactics and actually see that he is a worthy candidate.

Hollywood activists hopped on Twitter and expressed their outrage.

B-lister and self-proclaimed comic Kathy Griffin leaped at the chance of being relevant. She left no doubt that she was still just as vulgar and in bad taste with what she posted. Her first post was just an F-U Collins and her second was more elaborate.

Dear : To quote : “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” GO TO HELL.”

She was not alone as George Takei, known for his role on Star Trek, followed with a similar sentiment but with more class than Griffin could hope for.

As a Buddhist, it is my practice to have compassion for all people. But @SenatorCollins is really testing my limits right now.”

MeToo Supporter and hearing attendee Milano also weighed in.

Don’t let this performance fool you. If believed in  she would have opened the door when I was in her office to hear stories of constituent survivors.”

Surprisingly a big Hollywood name threw her two cents in.

This was just a few as many more Hollywood Democrats spoke out. All of them fooled by the Democrat Politicians and their smear campaign. They somehow couldn’t see what was obvious to most us, that the Democratic officials were putting on a show to attack Kavanaugh’s character.

But if you listen to Senator Collins she explains that she thoroughly vetted Kavanaugh. She went through his cases and talked to numerous associates. She based her decision on facts and found that he was qualified. But I guess the Democrats don’t value the truth and would rather base their decisions on hearsay.

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