Hollywood’s Even Using Veteran’s Day To Make Verbal Attacks Against President Donald Trump

Veteran’s Day, a day where we honor the brave men and women who have served our country. But this day where we all take a moment to appreciate their sacrifice of time or more was tarnished by Hollywood celebrities. Many celebrities used Veteran’s Day of all days to attack our president. All they could think about is the hatred they have towards the president.

They were overly critical that the president did not get out in the rain at a service to honor WWI Soldiers. But these celebrities fail to realize that we need to safeguard our president. If the situation is not optimal as far as visibility, it could put our president in danger. This scenario did not cross the mind of these critical Trump haters. Or if it did they would likely still push for his attendance.

Rob Reiner claimed that Trump turned his back on the military.

“On the day we honor our veterans American patriots are sickened by a President who narcissistically turns his back on the fallen and warmly embraces an Autocrat who attacks Democracy. Our long national nightmare continues.”

Foul-mouthed Sarah Silverman weighed in with her usual distasteful remarks on Twitter.

“Trump you fucking pussy. Too entitled to serve our country when called, too afraid of your stupid hair getting wet to honor those braver than you. You FUCK. (Don’t @ me w/ he couldn’t fly- it was a 90 minute drive).”

Samuel Jackson also commented claiming the weather was too much for Trump.

“Has That Muthafukka tweeted about God or Mother Nature making him disrespect Our WWI Brave Military Dead, yet??!! Prolly OD’d on Pommes Frites at the Embassy, rain makes your bone spurs act up!!”

This is how Hollywood leftists act toward our president. These are people that have fans and role models to some. But they are soo brainwashed by the MSM that they can’t see the damage they do to our country. Trump has properly funded the military, something his predecessor failed to do properly. So now our military is better equipped to handle threats to America and better able to keep us all safe. But these Hollyweird Trump haters can’t handle that truth.

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