Home Depot Founders: “Bernie Sanders Is an Enemy To Every Entrepreneur”

Home Depot Co-Founders Ken Langone and Bernie Marcus appeared on Fox Business’s “Cavuto Coast to Coast” with host Neil Cavuto. They talked about the early days of Home Depot and their humble beginnings, before they fell on the topic of Bernie Sanders, who they both feel is an enemy of every entrepreneur.

“When I hear Bernie Sanders talking about socialism. This could never happen in a Socialist [society], never happen,” Marcus stated claiming Home Depot could never have opened if our country was socialist.

“Don’t bring up Bernie Sander because that is a red flag in front of me,” Marcus warned. “He is the enemy of every entrepreneur that’s ever going to be born in the country and has been born in the past.”

“Bernie Sanders talks about socialized medicine. My foundation right now is working on one issue and that is taking care of these veterans,” Marcus continued. “Kids who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, you know that 20 a day commit suicide. Twenty every single day.

What is Bernie Sanders doing about that? Why doesn’t he shut his mouth and so something about these kids. They go to Veteran Administration, they can’t take care of it. The proof of the pudding is 20 a day committing suicide.┬áIf it was measles the CDC, the world will be in an uproar. But it’s the kids that put their lives on the line, that are treated so badly… I didn’t hear one single candidate talk about that.”By the way Trump is fully supportive of this.” (supporting Veterans)”The Veterans Administration is what medical care is going to be like if Bernie Sanders is elected. ”

“Believe or not Chavez in Venezuela came to power through a Democratic process. If they want to know what the future holds for them, following Bernie Sanders, go to Cuba, go to Venezuela, go to Russia, go to Eastern Europe, guess what it doesn’t work. The average Venezuelan last year lost 34lbs, there’s no food down there, “Langon Added.

Watch The Video Below.

You can tell Marcus and Langon can’t wait for Sanders to get knocked out of this race. Sanders would overburden this country with taxes. All in the name of free programs or promises like making college tuition free. Nothing is ever free. If not for Trump we could have ended up like Venezuela, luckily he will win again in 2020.

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