House Dems Pass LGBTQ Bill that Could “Erase Decades Of Progress Women Have Achieved”

All Americans should be entitled to basic rights and be treated equally. But what happens when treating someone as they’d like prevents a whole gender from ever fairly winning in a sporting event again? A new bill that Dems are behind could stop naturally born women from ever winning again in certain sports.

Most Republicans oppose the bill and call it another example of government overreach. Several GOP lawmakers spoke against it Friday on the House floor. President Donald Trump is widely expected to veto the legislation if it reaches his desk.

At a news conference Thursday, the Republicans said the bill would jeopardize religious freedom by requiring acceptance of a particular ideology about sexuality and sexual identity. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., called the legislation “grossly misnamed” and said it is “anything but equalizing.”

The bill “hijacks” the 1964 Civil Rights Act to create “a brave new world of ‘discrimination’ based on undefined terms of sexual orientation and gender identity,” Hartzler said. The legislation threatens women’s sports, shelters and schools, and could silence female athletes, domestic abuse survivors and other women, she said. A similar bill in the Senate has been co-sponsored by all but one Senate Democrat, but faces long odds in the Republican-controlled chamber.”

Democrats are attempting to erase the decades of progress women have achieved in athletics programs,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News on Friday. “Protecting Title IX shouldn’t be partisan. Democrats denied girls and women their own space in sports and demonstrated another way they want to politicize every aspect of Americans’ lives.”

“Essentially, the reason Title IX was even created was to give girls and women a separate space to compete, but HR 5 allows men and boys to compete on women’s sports teams, use their locker rooms, etc.” McCarthy’s office said in a statement.

According to a Rasmussen poll from April, only 23 percent of voters “believe a person born as a male but identifying as a female should be allowed to compete in women’s competitive sports events.”

This is bill is clearly an affront to women. If you are born a male you should have the decency to allow women to compete against other women. Look what happened recently in a women’s weightlifting competition. These ladies almost lost out to a competitor that was born male. He was, of course, breaking female records. Luckily the judges disqualified him allowing for an actual female to win the WOMEN’s competition. But if this bill passes no one could stop that, and in many sporting areas women might find that they are unfairly overpowered. It’s amazing that Dems who are supposedly about women’s rights would be for this.

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