HUGE Security Breach Discovered Near White House – Gowdy And Others May Be Victims

Independent Contractor Accidentally Uncovers Sophisticated Cellphone Spying Gear In Several Key Places In Washington

It seems like every time the media tries to push the ‘there is no spying’ narrative more evidence is uncovered to prove them wrong. Even, Trey Gowdy’s fallen victim to this potential widespread coverup when he threw shades of doubt over the President’s claims of spying and praised the FBI for their efforts. I wonder what he thinks now?

While working for a different client, a company accidentally uncovered several devices used to collect cellphone data. The exact origin of these devices is still unknown but the locations they were monitoring speaks volumes. Take a look.

As Written By Craig Timberg With Washington Post:

ESD America, a defense and law enforcement technology contractor based in Las Vegas, has reported detecting IMSI catchers throughout the Washington area while conducting testing for private clients.

The company, which said it has federal contracts, declined to comment on work it has done for the U.S. government but said in a statement, “ESD America has several corporate and foreign government clients whom we have assisted in the detection of potential IMSI Catcher operation across many cities including Washington, D.C.”

In the tests that ESD conducted for private clients, which took place over the past three years, the company said it had detected signs of IMSI catchers near the White House, the FBI headquarters, the Senate, the Pentagon, the Russian Embassy and along the collection of other foreign embassies in an area known as Embassy Row in Northwest Washington.

The Washington area’s dense collection of U.S. officials and sensitive facilities makes it prime real estate for cellular interception, experts say.

“For any large intelligence agency, the United States, especially now, is a high-value target,” said Thomas Rid, a political-science professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. “They get paid to go after high-value targets. It’s their job. … It’s a complete no-brainer.”

The letter said DHS officials, during a pilot program last year, “did observe anomalous activity that appeared consistent with IMSI catcher technology” within the Washington area, including near the White House. It cautioned that DHS “has neither validated nor attributed such activity to specific entities, devices or purposes” and said that some of the suspicious signals may have been “emanating from legitimate cell towers.”

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