Hypocrite Senator Booker Compares The Kavanaugh Win To A Dying Man

The Democrats are quite upset about the Kavanaugh win. It looks like they were expecting their stall tactics to delay the hearing at least until after the midterm elections. But lucky for us, Senator Grassley and the other Republican Senate Judiciary members put a stop to that nonsense. So America was saved countless tax dollars and is fortunate that we have Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are still fixated on this loss and being the poor sports that they seem to be they are making outrageous claims. After the Kavanaugh vote, Senator Booker traveled to Iowa where he made the sick comparison that Kavanaugh’s appointment was similar to watching a man die.

Booker compared the anger many were feeling about Kavanaugh’s confirmation to what he had felt watching a young man die of a gunshot wound, and then the despair he’d felt at President Trump’s inauguration.

“Hope is the act of conviction that despair can never have the last word,” he said. “We’re not defined in this state by Republicans in power; we’re defined by how we respond to them. We’re not defined by a president who mocks a hero, Dr. [Christine] Blasey Ford. We’re not defined by a president who doesn’t believe women.”

He then went on to give a speech that relied heavily on The Civil Rights Movement.

“We Democrats know that change never comes from Washington. It comes to Washington,” Booker said. “One day, Strom Thurmond didn’t sit around and say, ‘It’s about time those Negro people have civil rights.’ It was about black folks and white folks coming together and demanding change.”

His comparison is just absurd. The Democrats dragged Kavanaugh’s good name through the mud and treated him as if he were guilty over hearsay. The only part of that hearing that would be close to that analogy would be the agony of watching them make a mockery of the nomination process.

But this is Senator Booker and it is just amazing that anyone will give him the time of day. Especially when it comes to the allegation of sexual assault. What was he an expert witness, since he has admittedly engaged in sexual misconduct himself?

And why are the Democrats still hung up on the presidential inauguration? It was back in 2016!

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