ICE Protesters Terrorize And Shut Down Small Business

The ICE Protesters are clearly not the most sound people. It is ridiculous to fight the very people that keep our country safe. But that is what they do, protest their America’s guardians. But these misguided people were not satisfied with the just spewing their hate at ICE employees. They decided to spread the hate around a little further and attack the people that ICE agents interact with as well.

Unfortunately, that meant the food truck that was parked across the street,  The Happy Camper. Owners Julie and Scott Hakes had the food truck stationed there for about 20 years. They opened the business to try and raise money to support their non-profit, Operation Off The Grid. Operation Off The Grid’s sole purpose is to feed the homeless in the Portland area. The Hakes wanted to pay it forward as they both had experienced homelessness at some point.

And they were successful until they encountered ICE protesters last month.

Originally The Happy Camper had tried to maintain neutral and even gave some of the protesters free water. But the protesters soon became demanding. They wanted free food and electricity. They wanted to sleep on the tables. The Hakes soon became the enemy as they refused to comply to the protester’s demands.

We told them that we were a nonprofit and could not spare any expense and were wanting to stay neutral in regards to their protest,” Scott said. “We learned right quick that if you were not in support of their agenda, we were considered against them.”

Thier refusal to give into the activists and the fact that ICE Agents would frequent the mobile food stand regularly made them a target. The protesters started to terrorize the small business yelling at them and preventing any customers from ordering.

The Protesters were effective in killing the small business.  Without customers, the eatery was doomed.

Scott claims the Happy Camper’s business went down approximately 80%, resulting in the camper only making about $50 a day during the protests.”

But the yelling got out of hand when they started threatening employees, especially the Hakes daughter, Brianna. The protesters were effective in terrorizing the business, as Scott Hakes eventually shut the stand down. The threats and the huge loss in revenue were too much for the little business.

The Protesters have now moved on, but the Hakes Family is still not willing to risk the safety of their daughter, as she feels threatened and was harassed again by one of the protesters.

This is just disgusting. There is no reason for it. The protest is foolish in general as ICE is not America’s enemy, but to attack a business simply because ICE eats there is over the top. This just goes to show the nature of these protesters, they like many Democrats are more concerned about the lives of illegals than their American neighbors.

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