Ilhan Omar Attempts to Go on the Offensive Against “Far-Right Extremists”

Ilhan Omar is once again making inciting claims. But maybe she learned her lesson as this time it is not about Israel. She instead chose to target the current trendy thing to hate White Supremacy.

White Supremacy is an issue but it is not Border Crisis big or even anywhere near the threat that Dems are pumping it up to be. Omar jumped onto this super inflated issue and made an even more preposterous claim on Twitter.

It’s overdue! Far-right extremists were linked to every extremist murder in the U.S. last year, including the Tree of Life and Parkland shootings.
They are not operating in a vacuum. This is a crisis and it deserves national attention.”

Just to name a few of the many exceptions including Parkland.

Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018: The school itself was not a likely white supremacist target, nor did Cruz seem to target his victims by race, religion or ethnicity. However, little evidence has so far emerged to suggest that the MSDHS shooting spree itself was conducted as a white supremacist attack. In the end, however, it is not clear to what extent Cruz’s white supremacist beliefs may have played a role in the killings. Because of this uncertainty, Cruz’s killings have been listed here as non-ideological.
— This is the lead example in the report, and one Omar felt the need to note in her tweet. Non-Ideological, but listed as proof of right-wing extremism all the same.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 27, 2018:

— Robert Bowers opened fire inside a synagogue killing 11. What the report fails to note is that Bowers despised President Trump, and his violence was apparently inspired by the President’s support of Israel and Jewish citizens. This places Bowers in a camp much closer to Ilhan Omar.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, March 12, 2018: Corey Johnson, 17, killed a 13-year-old and severely injured two others in a stabbing spree: In the year before the attack he had
become interested in radical Islam (and had even been reported to the FBI by local law enforcement). After his arrest, Johnson reportedly told investigators he had stabbed his victims “because of his Muslim faith”.
— Is Ilhan Omar actually comfortable calling those who murder in the name of their Muslim faith “right-wing extremists”?! That could explain quite a bit.”

Omar then linked a story by the Daily Beast that actually worked against her. The article tries to claim White Supremacy is what the FBI mean by Domestic Terrorism but then explains Domestic Terrorism is much more than simply White Supremacy.

Domestic terrorism” is an umbrella category that includes far more than just far-right terrorism but functions as the most granular data available to indicate how federal law enforcement targets white supremacist violence.” So the stats are muddied as they do not refer solely to White Supremacy.

DHS is still actively looking at the issue of domestic terrorism, according to sources inside the department, but former officials told The Daily Beast that focus has waned since the days of the Obama administration. And, they say, it’s unclear how much emphasis DHS is putting on domestic terrorism threats that emanate from individuals affiliated with white nationalist groups. At the same time, DHS has increasingly focused on the threats facing the southern border and the national security threats posed by the so-called caravan.”

Wow, Dems are not even trying to tell the truth anymore.

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