Is the Liberal Lamestream Media Trying to Intimidate Manafort Jurors?

A cabal of leftist news outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed and The Washington Post asked the judge to release the names and addresses of the jurors in the Paul Manafort trial. Why would they need that?

So they can publish the names and addresses so that their base can stalk and or harass any juror that votes not guilty. Judge TS Ellis denied their motion, pointing out that he has received so many death threats that he is now under federal protection. With the huge amount of violence from the left, publishing their names and addresses would be putting a large target in the middle of their back. The jury apparently won’t have a verdict today and may end up being a hung jury.

From The Daily Caller

“A thirsty press is essential to a free county,” Ellis said in court when addressing the media companies’ motion. He also urged the news outlets, which are being represented by the firm Ballard Spahr, to appeal his decision should he rule against publicizing the jury’s information.

The news outlets cited previous rulings that allow for the release of jurors’ names and addresses except in cases “when there is strong reason to conclude that the jury needs protection from interference or harm, or that the integrity of the jury’s function will be compromised if the jury does not remain anonymous.”

“Here, there is no reason to believe that extraordinary circumstances exist that would justify keeping jurors’ names sealed — particularly after they have rendered their verdict,” reads the motion.

I disagree. I will bet dollars to donuts that if the names and addresses are released, the jury could be in danger. The other problem is that even when police do arrest the domestic terrorist groups, such as ANTIFA, who set out to do violence, the courts let them off.

Two hundred plus people were arrested for violence during the inauguration and only a couple who pleaded guilty were sentenced but the charges were later dropped, so over 200 walked free.

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