Jake Tapper Makes AOC Sweat With These Questions

Jake Tapper interviewed AOC and asked her some tough questions. The Freshman Congresswoman kind of answered, but as per usual, was not very clear. Tapper focused in on AOC’s use of the Holocaust-related term, “Concentration Camp,” and AOC tried to play it off as ok because, and this a stretch, she was trying to prevent more dehumanizing behavior.

Tapper questioned AOC about her use of the term Concentration Camps, and if she was ok with it, considering she offended many Holocaust survivors and their relatives.

“I have many in my district, and our Jewish community has rallied around this issue,” Ocasio-Cortez replied. “Because when we talk about concentration camps, if we do not also talk about Japanese internment, if we don’t talk about the Boer War, if we don’t talk about the many times this has happened in the history of humanity, then we also erase the suffering of those people.

“I believe that we have also made sure that we explicitly use the term ‘concentration camp.’ And we have to learn from the slow process, the slow, dehumanizing process that leads to horrible things happening to people.”

She then went on to say that she differentiated between Death Camps and Concentration camps with her constituents.

Tapper next asked AOC if she realized that these “Concentration Camps” were actually used under Clinton and Obama. And wondered if she was against them when they were in office too.

“…using that definition, there were also concentration camps under Obama, and under Bill Clinton. That’s in the story that you retweeted,” Tapper stated. “So, did you call them concentration camps at the time, when Obama was president?”

“Well, at the time, I was working in a restaurant, but I do — I absolutely was outspoken against Obama’s immigration policies and the detention of families then,” Ocasio-Cortez replied. “I think it’s a remarkably consistent position, and I’m not here to defend wrong actions just because they happened under a Democratic administration. I’m here to speak truth to power. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong, and I frankly don’t care what president does it.”

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Concentration Camps have nothing to do with Japanese Internment or the Boer War. No one is erasing these events. We are just asking that you not try to marginalize the Holocaust by comparing it to some detention centers by the border.

I doubt that she was originally using the term to prevent dehumanizing behavior. If you look at her previous work, it seems to me that she was just trying to rile people up by using the term. Only after there was a public outcry, was there a need for it to be something more. She just comes off insensitive in this case, and she is exaggerating the truth. We are not gassing migrants at the border, or treating them as less than people. We are vetting these incoming migrants and trying to keep Americans safe in the process.

If AOC really cared, she would have voted yes on the House Bill set to fund the border, a bill that she should have been all about, but instead, she voted against it. She says it was to make a point, but really what point is that? She made it look like she doesn’t really care.

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