James Woods At Schumer’s Green Deal Rant: “That Makes You “Mitch’s Bi*ch”

True grit American patriot and actor, James Woods, is back at it again. This time slamming ‘crying Chuck Schumer’ for his Green Deal tantrum. By God- I don’t know how he’s managed to avoid bias censorship on social media, but I’m glad he has.

His comment to Schumer will crack you up!

A little back story from Fox News: Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday ripped into Republicans for planning to force a vote on the Green New Deal, calling the plan a “stunt,” a “cheap, cynical ploy” and “a game of political gotcha.”

“The Republican leader announced he’s going to bring up a resolution he intends to vote against,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. “Now that is what the American people hate about Congress — the pointless partisan games.”

To which, Woods’ replied:

calls Green Deal vote by McConnell a “stunt,” a “cheap, cynical ploy” and “a game of political gotcha.” That is correct, sir. It is all of the above. And that makes you . Enjoy!”

Schumer is the latest Democrat to criticize Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for calling a vote on the plan that many in the party have already rallied behind. Still, Schumer, joined by colleagues on the Senate floor, said: “Bring it on.” He said Democrats “believe that we need to do something about climate change” and added: “Do Republicans?”

Earlier this week, McConnell said that the Senate will vote on the Green New Deal – endorsed by nearly all top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates – in an effort to force Democrats to officially go on the record for the radical proposal.

Woods has constantly hits the liberals where it hurt. Earlier this week we reported how he asked that everyone join him in using the proper pronouns to address people by their correct genders and to stop using the word ‘they’ as singular.

“Please join me in using proper grammar, syntax, and spelling. The correct pronoun usage in the English language is “he” for a singular male and “she” for a singular female. “They” is used for the plural of either males, females, or both. Don’t be bullied by hare-brained liberals,” Woods tweeted.

Woods inadvertently may have exposed some liberal bias from The Dictionary who corrected Woods’ use of the word ‘they’:

“They has been in use as a singular pronoun since the 1300s. Among its best known users in history: Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Jane Austen.”


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