Japan Introduces The Most “Innovative” Political Candidate

Japan has decided elections need more input and have technically included a Robot in their upcoming mayoral election. So have the Japanese created their own version of Johnny 5 or is this more of a talking toaster?

Turns out they went with more of a Female I-Robot looking machine as opposed to the Watson that won Jeopardy. The Robot would not be on the ballot but instead, the creator Michihito Matsuda would be because robots can’t be voted in. The creator would then use the robot to run the local government.

The robot is campaigning under the slogan “Artificial Intelligence will change Tama city”.

In a bid to offer “fair and balanced opportunities for everyone”, the robot mayor promises to analyze petitions put forward to the council, statistically breaking down the positives and negatives of its effect, as reported by Otaquest.”

The creator believes the gimmick may work as the Tama New Town is one of the most advanced cities. He also feels it may be necessary as the population of the city is older.

As it stands, the aging population will only continue to grow, prompting a need for change in the current administration.”

Watch The Comical Commentary On This Election In The Video Below.

“The robot’s bid to become the world’s first artificial mayor is being financed by two men with links to two of the biggest technology companies in the world – Tetsuo Matsumoto, vice president of global software provider SoftBank, and former Google Japan employee Norio Murakami.”

The Robot has a decked out van to that promotes his campaign throughout the city.

This is an interesting new take on politics but it seems like a promotional scheme as the creator would really determine the policies and positions the robot would take.

But hey this could be the better alternative to a lot of California Politicians.

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