Jill Biden’s Endorsement Is Making More Sense Everyday

Biden is the current frontrunner when it comes to Dem Presidential Candidates, and that is pretty surprising if you listen to how often he can’t get his story straight. He once again fumbled, this time while he was talking about Healthcare. He was trying to say that there would be a quality healthcare plan that is affordable. This is what came out instead:

“We’ll make sure it’s not quality. We’ll make sure it’s only affordable.”

Watch His Gaffe Below.

But he was not done there as he continued to jumble up his speech, this time claiming that workers will be paying higher premiums. He corrects himself but still…

And this is nothing new as just earlier this month he said: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Biden’s wife recently gave a sad endorsement where she claimed that Biden may not be the best at healthcare as an example, but at least he stands a chance against Trump, and watching this it looks like she is right, maybe healthcare is not his strong suit.

It also makes you wonder if people were right to question his faculties. Biden said before he announced his presidency that it was ok to question his abilities.

“If I were to run I think they would judge me on my vitality. Can I still run up the steps of Airforce 2? Am I still in good shape? Do I have all my faculties? Am I energetic? I think it is totally legitimate for people to ask those questions,” Biden stated.

Now after seeing him in action, I think it is moving past a simple concern as he is making these mistakes regularly. But I guess this is for the best. If Biden beats out the other Dems then it will be that much easier for Trump when Biden struggles to keep up.

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