Journalist Gets Violently Ousted From CNN Analyst’s Public Event

Charlie Kratovil, an editor for New Brunswick Today, was kicked out of a public event held by CNN’s April Ryan. So what did he do to get removed from the PUBLIC venue? It appears he was just doing his job and filming the event…

“I don’t know what what the misunderstanding was but I was definitely, you know, felt violated,” Kratovil claimed.

Kratovil was covering a speech given by Ryan at the 4th annual New Jersey Parent Summit, which focuses on “educating, empowering and preparing parents for our future leaders,” on Aug. 3 at The Heldrich Hotel.

After roughly three hours covering the event “without incident,” Kratovil claims he was approached by Ryan’s security guard Joel Morris who demanded he stop recording, before grabbing the camera and walking out of the ballroom and into the hotel lobby.

As Kratovil and Morris begin causing a scene, Ryan explains to the crowd, “When I speak, I don’t have news covering my speech.”

According to Kratovil, other journalists were taping the speech, too, and he was never informed he was barred from the event.

“I kind of snuck away to get some space from him and he chased me down, grabbed my arm twisted my arm behind my back and hurt my shoulder and forearm,” Kratovil said of Ryan’s bodyguard.

“I think this is supremely ironic, not expected, and certainly not behavior that’s befitting somebody who knows journalism,” the editor told Watters. “Somebody who’s been in the field for a long time. She wouldn’t want to be treated like that. So I don’t see why she can come into my community and have her people come in and violate our laws like that.”

I guess April Ryan was worried she was going to say something that the general public would not like. So by the public, she just means people that she wants there that will agree with her?

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