Joy Behar Is Already Calling For Kavanaugh’s Impeachment

The View is somehow still on the air despite all of their bias and twisting of facts. Joy Behar decided to use the show as a platform to speak out against Kavanaugh and anyone who stands with him. So when Trump came to Kavanaugh’s aid, he opened himself up to an onslaught of Behar hate. She even had this nasty thing to about the president.

“It’s touching how he stands behind anybody that has been accused of sexual assault,” Behar said taking a jab at Trump.

Sunny Hostin another co-host on The View felt the Senate Judicial Committee Republicans were jumping to conclusions without getting all the facts. So much so that they should be disqualified from the hearing.

“If you have a jury trial and you have a juror that says, ‘I don’t care what the star witness says, that won’t change my vote,’ that juror gets thrown off the jury,” Hostin said. “Why are these senators still on the Judiciary Committee?”

Behar then added her two cents in.

“Behar shot back, “It’s a good question… there were rumors about this second accusation last week, and then Lindsey Graham and McConnell come out and say, ‘We’re gonna ram it through. We’re gonna plow it through.’”

“Because they figured they will push him in, he’ll be in, they will get their way and then we will find out the guys is guilty. What good is that? Then you have to impeach a Supreme Court Justice”

Watch The Video Below.

Behar fails to realize that Kavanaugh has been vetted and questioned repeatedly by Senators and Authorities. So when Senators, like Graham, start backing Kavanaugh it is because they believe in him. And so far they are right to do so. It seems the Democrats stall tactic failed. So now they are looking for more women to exploit.


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