Juanita Broaddrick Goes After The Clintons’ Where It Hurts, Their Wallets

Bill Clinton makes Kavanaugh’s allegation look like child’s play. Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct by a multitude of women. But he is still somehow remembered favorably by liberals. Juanita Broaddrick claims she was raped by Bill Clinton and has expressed this numerous times. In a recent interview, she made a great point that I am sure the Clintons’ would be opposed to. She wants to remove the presidential perks from Bill Clinton for his misconduct.

Broaddrick was interviewed by Stephanie Hamill of The Daily Caller.

Broaddrick is infuriated by the hypocrisy of the #metoo movement how it seems to only apply to liberals.

“You are right, it is a double standard and now we see #metoo entering the double standard along with all of the Democrats. It was terrible what myself and others went through back in the 90’s when all of the Democrats turned their backs on us.”

“It was devastating and myself, I had very critical accusations against Bill Clinton. If I hadn’t have had then NBC would have never interviewed me and never have aired my story. Even though they held it until after the impeachment. But its really amazing that they can take such scanty and vague allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, but refuse to hear mine.”

Broaddrick is a strong survivor and tells it like it is. The Daily Caller interviewer later asked her how she felt about Hillary Clinton’s recent comment about the Kavanaugh allegations. Hillary claims there was an “intense partisan investigation” into Bill’s conduct. She said it as a slight to Kavanaugh’s one-week investigation.

“Of course she continues on Stephanie and says that these were litigated, these were handled back in the 90’s. No they weren’t. These were not. My case was never litigated or adjudicated. I’m still out there, ya know, just hanging on trying to show the people that yes, there was a rapist in The White House.”

Watch the Video Below.

Broaddrick has a created a petition to push for an investigation into Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct. If she gets 100k signatures The White House has to respond to it. So far she has 30k signatures. (You can sign that petition here)

The interviewer, Stephanie Hamill, then asked what Braoddrick would like to see done to the Clinton’s whether it be a fine or jail time.

I’d like to see him stripped of his presidential perks which amounts to millions of dollars every year of our tax dollars.”

She would want the criminal charges as well but she knows that they are now well outside of the statute of limitations.

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