Judge Jeanine Makes HUGE Announcement – Maybe She Can Put Sessions In His Place!

Judge Jeanine Is Gunning For Jeff Sessions Job As Attorney General

Judge Jeanine has made her interest in Sessions’ position as AG very clear in the past. Apparently, it’s become a bit of a joke among her colleagues who reportedly laugh at her about it. Though, most speculate that Trump’s offer to ‘bring her in’ is just a show of flattery, the sheer disappointment in Sessions’ performance may make this a very real possibility.

According to the Free Beacon, Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News host who will soon be releasing a new book, is jockeying to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to four people familiar with her correspondence.

A former administration official said President Donald Trump previously dangled the possibility of offering Pirro, who is often referred to as Judge Jeanine, a top appointment in his administration during a November meeting in the Oval Office, Politico reported.

The same official clarified they think Trump was engaging in flattery and they don’t think Trump was seriously going to consider her for a federal judgeship.” Pirro has, nevertheless, repeatedly told White House aides and advisers she is interested in serving as the nation’s top law enforcement official.


As Written By The Washington Examiner

While guest hosting “Hannity,” Pirro suggested Sessions had “lost his prosecutorial balls” while serving in the U.S. Senate to explain why he hadn’t appointed a second special counsel to investigate Clinton’s use of a private email server and her involvement in the Uranium One controversy.

In addition, she met with Trump in the Oval Office in November to discuss the idea of a special counsel to probe Clinton.

“Everything I said to President Trump is exactly what I’ve vocalized on my show, ‘Justice with Jeanine,'” Pirro told the New York Times at the time.

Judge Jeanine is known for her no-nonsense demeanor and unwavering support of the President but would she make a good fit in the Attorney General position? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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