Julia Louis-Dreyfus Joins The Trump-Bashing Train, Fails Completely

Julia Louis-Dreyfus known for her role as Elaine on Seinfeld decided it was high time that she take another jab at the president. In an article in Time Magazine, she discussed her career and then sprinkled in a little Trump hate.

What Louis-Dreyfus has learned about politicians, she says, is that “they’re just people. That’s all. Which is in one way comforting, and in another quite terrifying, given all the responsibility that they carry.”

Most of them, she believes, are trying to do the right thing. Louis-Dreyfus, whose Twitter profile shows her in a pink pussy hat, isn’t so sure Trump fits that category. “He’d be funny if he didn’t have the power he has,” she says. “He’s sort of a pretend, fake President. He’s a complete moron, start to finish.”

The great benefit to the fact that we’ve created this alternate political universe on VEEP has helped us through this moment,” the star said. “That is to say we’re not parodying any specific party or politician. We are parodying the culture of politics.”

But the latest season features a man running for president “on a platform of unabashed idiocy,” Time notes.”

In the new season, Jonah Ryan, the lunkheaded staffer turned pol played by Timothy Simons, runs for President on a platform of unabashed idiocy. “You have the second lowest vaccination rate in the nation,” he tells a crowd at one point. “When I’m President, you’ll be No. 1!” It might be funnier if there weren’t currently a measles outbreak in Washington State, which experts attribute to vaccination skeptics. Or if Trump hadn’t spread the debunked conspiracy theory linking vaccines and autism, including in 2015 during a presidential-primary debate.”

Is this what success looks like, making a TV Show that mocks the president of our country? If only she had stopped at Seinfeld.