Just When You Thought The NFL Had Hit Rock Bottom They Pull This Stunt

The NFL has practically become synonymous with anti-patriotism, anti-police and anti-American flag. One of America’s great past times seems to be have been tainted to a point of no return. We have Colin Kaepernick to thank for practically killing the sport. But he is not the only one to blame as the NFL higher-ups should have stepped in, they should have put a stop to his disrespect. As we a know they weakly bowed to their players and continued to allow the bad behavior.

But in what could be called bad taste or maybe a failed attempt at patriotism?, the Green Bay Packer’s have made what appears to be their own rendition of the American Flag. So maybe the word banner is the better fit because it clearly is not old glory.

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky commented on the weird banner.

“Not sure what country today’s Packers-Bills game is being played in but that’s not my flag.”

But the ESPN commentator was not alone when it came to trying to make heads or tails of this weird banner. Multiple fans also weighed in on this weird display.

Who comes up with ideas like this? Number of stars (States in Union) and number of stripes (colonies that won our independence) defines us. That thing on the field is not our nation’s banner.”

Very unamerican flag at packers game no real surprise.”

Packers are down a few starters today. And the flag is down a few stars.”

Why don’t they start throwing garbage at the fans, they couldn’t be more effective at driving us off.”

Some fans claimed that it looked similar to victory bunting.


It is tough to say because it looks like it is more if it’s own entity than a bunting. But who knows what the NFL was thinking… Maybe they just don’t know what the flag looks like. It would explain a lot.

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