Kamala Harris Doubles Down On Her Trump Obstruction Claim

Since the Mueller Report has failed the Dems and their hope to impeach Trump, they are now fighting the legitimacy of the report.

They are blaming AG Barr for misconstruing the facts as they can’t handle the reality that Trump is their rightful president. Trump has been watching these Dems and presidential candidates drag AG Barr’s good name through the mud and felt it was time to speak out.

“They’re out there ranting and raving like lunatics, frankly. … you have Bill Barr, highly respected, great Attorney General and he’s got to take the abuse from people that are running for office? They don’t care about this, they’re just looking for political points.”

Kamala Harris responded to Trump’s remark about her being “very nasty” when it came to her treatment of AG Barr.

“We have a President of the United states whose primary interest — I think that has been clear as a result of what we know from the Mueller report — has been to obstruct justice,” Harris added. “My primary interest is to pursue justice, and you can call that whatever name you want, but I think that’s what the American people want in a leader.”

The Harris Campaign also commented on Trump calling Harris nasty.

“It seems like anytime Donald Trump feels threatened by a strong woman, he lashes out with this gross, weird attack,” the message read. “It’s the kind of sexism that makes me want to run my head through a wall.”

No, Trump just calls it as he sees it…

Watch The Video Below. 

Kamala Harris is just trying to attack AG Barr’s character in hopes of getting the full Mueller Report. She claimed Barr was biased and should recuse himself. But it doesn’t matter who reported that Trump was innocent, the Dems were still going to viciously attack them. Trump is right she was nasty towards Barr during the hearing. He was just doing his job in reporting the findings. It’s not his fault the truth was not what they wanted to hear.

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