Kasich Goes RINO – Signs With CNN As Commentator

It looks like John Kasich just joined the ranks of congressional leaders like John McCain (deceased), Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins as well as many others.

Yep, John Kasich, former governor of Ohio has now joined CNN as a senior political commentator.

CNN made the announcement Tuesday morning that Kasich would be joining the network.

According to Deadline,

Kasich is one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent critics. He ran against Trump two years ago and he has more recently declined to rule out a 2020 primary bid against Trump. CNN and other cable news channels typically say so-long to commentators once they take specific steps to run for office, the cable news network said in today’s coverage of its Kasich hire.

Kasich was actually an opponent of President Trump as well in the 2016 election but dropped out of the race just six months prior to the election.

It’s unknown how long this relationship will last with Joh Kasich and CNN because, Kasich hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running against Trump in 2020 and CNN has been known to drop commentators once they run for office. He has ZERO chance of beating Trump this time, that’s for certain.

CNN reported,

Kasich signed with a talent agency, UTA, to explore TV opportunities and other deals after leaving the governor’s office. When the agency deal was announced on Monday, UTA said it would “help him navigate the next phase of his public and private life.”

That same day, CNBC reported that Kasich was “looking to sign with either CNN or MSNBC.”

The two channels sometimes race to sign the same voices to exclusive contracts.

Last week CNN signed two former lawmakers, Republican Mia Love and Democrat Luis Gutierrez, as commentators.

Some see this as a change of heart on CNN’s part and that maybe mainstream media is shifting back to the way they should be doing things and presenting the news.

That’s HIGHLY unlikely.

You’ve got a better shot at winning the lottery than for CNN to be fair and truthful news.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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