Kathy Griffin Accuses Covington Catholics Of Using “Nazi Sign”

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is receiving backlash Tuesday after posting a photo of the Covington Catholic basketball team alleging that they were displaying a white supremacy sign despite the gesture having a specific meaning in basketball.

Covington Catholic made national headlines over the weekend when a video went viral of MAGA hat-wearing students being confronted by a Native American man. While many assigned blame to the students, it later became clear, when more video surfaced, that they did not initiate the debacle, The Daily Caller reported.

According to Breitbart, Griffin deleted the tweet a short time later. But some saved screen shots of the attack.

The claim quickly fell apart on the bellicose comedienne when people began replying to her tweet with images of black NBA players holding their hands in the exact same way the Covington players had. Because, that particular sign is the hand signal for a made 3-point shot. Not, the symbol of white racism.

Both conservatives and liberals posted images showing Griffin that her accusation had no basis in truth.

Griffin told the Post’s Page Six that “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was kind enough to reply and correct me, so I deleted the tweet.”

She had previously taken issue with the students of Covington Catholic, calling for them to be shamed for their behavior in Washington, D.C. But other reports surfacing later revealed a much broader story than much of the press initially reported.

Jill Hamlin, one of the mother’s of the children targeted by liberals said boys were targeted for wearing their ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and what they stood for.

“I think they were targeted for what they stood for… which is Christianity, the right for life, and they were singled out and I believe partially because of the color of their skin they were targeted,” Hamlin said.

Which based off of liberals hideous attacks on the students and their families it’s pretty easy to see that’s exactly why they were targeted.

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