Kathy Griffin Says All Cops Are Racist – Gets Destroyed By Social Media [Video]

According to RWN, Kathy’s latest publicity stunt on social media is claiming the police are racist, but she might be regretting that as she looked like a fool shortly after. She accused police, who she thinks is “largely racist,” of telling fibs about the Antifa goons and their involvement during the clash in Portland where far-left liberals rabidly invaded an event held by far-right Proud Boys. Surely, anyone who shows up to an event in which they’re uninvited is immediately seeking trouble, especially when it’s something like this.

Here she is taunting the police with her racially charged rhetoric after cops made an announcement.

Oh, f*ck off! Police in Portland,of all cities, siding with & protecting nazis “proud boys” and “prayer…” some sh*t. White America has to face the harsh reality that cops are largely racist. Yeah, I said it. The cops are fighting the actual Portlanders and calling them “antifa”

um… No, Kathy, they call them ANTIFA because that is what these thugs refer to themselves as. That’s ok, Police and Twitter used went full attack on the fame-starved and washed comedians.

The police commissioner, Bernard B. Kirik, of the 40th precinct fire back with this tweet:

The cops call them Antifa, because that is how they identify themselves; and they are engaged in violent attacks against Portland citizens, and the . And, just incase you missed it, most of your Antifa pals are white!


Another Twitter user pointed out how idiotic Kathy’s comment really was. Not that we don’t already know but it IS nice to see the community pull together to right her wrongs!:

So you’re saying the average citizen of Portland dresses in black, wears a mask, beats fellow citizens and marches under the hammer and sickle flag. Got it.

Even a former Portland journalist stepped up to correct the attention seeker:

False. As a former Portlander, and working journalist there who pretty recently covered my share of these protests, I can tell you the majority of all protesters from both sides aren’t actual “Portlanders” & police there have never “protected” one group at the expense of another.

Just so we are clear, this is footage from the event showing the, mostly white, ANTIFA members and their level of violence they brought to the rally. Note the man giving a Nazi solute was NOT part of the Conservative groups:

As Reported By USA Today:

Officers on loudspeakers told those in the crowd to disperse or be arrested, dubbing the gathering a “civil disturbance.” “All people must disperse,” police repeatedly said over loudspeakers. “You are ordered to disperse.”

The threats from police quickly simmered down the crowd as groups moved in all directions, mostly leaving the area. The crowd dissipated as the afternoon wore on with no other reports of clashes or violence.

The large contingent of boisterous, dueling protesters is the third such face-off in Portland in two months.

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