Kavanaugh Accuser BUSTED In The Best Way Possible!

Last autumn, we all learned about Christine Blasey Ford when she accused Brett Kavanaugh of misconduct for an incident that supposedly happened 30 years ago.

She claimed she came forward as a character witness, but her testimony was nothing more than hearsay. But what if it was purely fabricated? The timing was right, and the accusation did cause people to question whether Kavanaugh was worthy.

These questions are raised after it was found, that Blasey-Ford scrubbed her Trump-hating presence clean from social media, just prior to when she contacted Feinstein about her allegation.

Christine Blasey Ford deleted her social media profile just a few weeks before she sent a letter to Senator Feinstein.

“The book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, set for release Tuesday, details how Ford was portrayed as politically moderate. But her acquaintances reported Ford’s profile on social media “had been notable for its extreme antipathy to President Trump,” conservative authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino wrote. Additionally, her political views “ran decidedly to the left and were at variance with most of her family’s,” and Ford’s friends on Facebook said she “regularly expressed hostility” toward the Trump administration, they said.

“Classmates were surprised by the media’s portrayal of her as an ingenue, which was very different from how they remembered her in junior high and high school,” according to the book. “Female classmates and friends at area schools recalled a heavy drinker who was much more aggressive with boys than they were.”

Well, that certainly paints a different picture than the meek victim that she was portraying during the hearing. I know she claimed that this whole thing was tough on her family, but it seems like it was a calculated move on her part, since she deleted all of her Social Media accounts.