Kavanaugh Leaves Them Eating Crow, Hits The Haters In The GREATEST Way Imaginable!

We all saw how the Democrats made a mockery of the nominee process. The smear campaign and unjustified hatred to Kavanaugh was showcased by the Democrats. Senator Graham was right when he said that the poor behavior of the left will deter other candidates from coming forward. No one wants to put their families through that kind of drama. But now that he has been appointed you’d think that Democrats would lay off of him, but it turns out they are not done ruining his good name.

TMZ recently posted a picture that shows Kavanaugh giving food to the needy. It just shows that Kavanaugh gives back to his fellow man. But the Liberals didn’t see it that way. They thought he was just putting on a show to try and recover his now tarnished image.

The so-called comedian Kathy Griffin took to Twitter claiming that Kavanaugh’s donation of time to serve the homeless was staged.

“Yet again, TMZ is serving as the PR arm of the White House…helping to normalize Trump’s monsters.”

But she was quickly corrected as Kavanaugh is no stranger giving back to the community.

Cynics might see this is as a blatant attempt at image repair after the nightmare of his confirmation hearing, but the truth is … this appears to be a regular thing for him. The Justice was also seen serving up grub to the homeless back in July with the same organization.”

Another volunteer, Michael Huston, defended Kavanaugh, saying “I was there and can confirm. Also, this was no mere post-nomination photo op. Judge #Kavanaugh signed up a while back to serve on this date (as he has @CCADW on several prior occasions), and chose to keep the commitment.”

This is the kind of thing that the Kavanaughs now have to deal with. The Left thinking that any good deed they do is somehow staged to put them in a better light. If anything Kavanaugh’s charity goes to show you that despite all of the Democrat’s slander they can’t stop a good man from continuing to help his community.

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