Kyle Kashuv Defends The Second Amendment On Twitter – You’ll Be Proud!

The Anti-Gun Movement was jumpstarted by The Santa Fe tragedy. The Gun Grabbers had almost faded into the background, but now they have a new tragedy to take advantage of. They came out in droves and were all over Twitter bashing the Second Amendment. Making all sorts of outrageous claims.

Like this Tweeter who blamed Trump and used this inaccurate stat.

“Our children are being MURDERED and you’re treating this like a game. This is the 22nd school shooting just this year. DO SOMETHING.”

Kashuv sprung into action and let this Misleading Liberal Have it.

“1) there hasn’t been 22, do research before making stupid statements.

2) remember how adults don’t know how to do anything and you were going to be the hero to finally “DO SOMETHING”?

3) he did and continues to push for school safety. What about you?

Using a CNN stat is always risky she should have known better. He even addressed the infamous David Hogg. The activist that has close to 800k followers and more influence than any young adult should. Kashuv enlightened Hogg in this interesting exchange.

“Get ready for two weeks of media coverage of politicians acting like they give a shit when in reality they just want to boost their approval ratings before midterms.”

“Get ready for two weeks of people like David Hogg lying so they can push an agenda and calling everyone who doesn’t agree with him a “child murderer” despite their proposals having no utility or impact on the event at hand.”

“You know if guns actually did make everyone safe America would have no gun violance because we have about 100 million guns or about 30% of the worlds total yet most of its gun violance.”

“It’s not about the availability of guns that’s the factor, it’s about who is behind the trigger. If availability of guns is the major factor in gun violence, then Indiana (low restrictions) would be like Chicago (high restrictions) 

But Kashuv was not done yet, as he was not just after Hogg. He went on to contest other young activists that are influencing the youth of today.

“How many times to kids have to beg to not go through this before something is done? How long do we have to wait to stop being ignored?”

“Delaney, your team has proposed legislation that wouldn’t have even touched the 2 guns used. Maybe you should be honest already and call for a complete 2A repeal. That’s the only way what you Tweeted makes sense. 

He went on and shut down more Gun Grabbers and you have to appreciate that as he is doing this. His position on the second amendment doesn’t seem to be the popular one. Kashuv continues on anyway defending American Rights and giving the youth of the nation a much-needed counterpoint. A view that they are likely not getting from their Liberal Teachers or much of social media.

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