Law School Students Yell Anti-Law Profanity During A Speech [Video]

Liberal ‘Protesting’ Has Become So Extreme Over The Years

One speaker learns just how intolerant the left really is as they heckled and belittled him while standing just over his shoulder. An intimidation tactic that, at least in this case, failed.

According to Inside Higher Ed, Josh Blackman is a regular guest lecturer on college campuses and writes regularly for conservative publications. A law professor at the South Texas College of Law, he focuses on legal issues. Of late, he has been talking about the legal and philosophical reasons to support free speech on college campuses.

Last week he shared video of an appearance he made in late March at the City University of New York law school, where he couldn’t give his planned talk on free speech as he was repeatedly heckled and shouted down during the first 10 minutes. During that time period, there were far more students in the room shouting at him than the handful gathered to hear his lecture. After the protesters left, other students arrived to hear him, and Blackman says some told him that they were intimidated from coming in because of the protesters.

“A student shouted out ‘F— the law.’ This comment stunned me. I replied, ‘F— the law? That’s a very odd thing. You are all in law school. And it is a bizarre thing to say f— the law when you are in law school.’ They all started to yell and shout over me,” Josh Blackman wrote.

“One student yelled at me, “You chose CUNY didn’t you,” Blackman continued. ” knew what would happen.” At the time, I didn’t appreciate the significance of her question. The students apparently believed I picked CUNY because I wanted to be protested.

“This was the meaning of the “Don’t take the bait” comment”, Blackman clarified. “To the contrary! I had never been protested before. I was shocked that a lecture about free speech would occasion such a protest.”

“Yet, once I found out they were going to protest me, I was not going to back down and withdraw,” Blackman added. “The hecklers at this public institution would not veto my speech. I would stand there as long as needed to make my point.”

Blackman did just that.

This type of behavior almost seems to be encouraged in our higher education systems. It’s not the peaceful protesting you would expect from law students, is it? The more frightening thing is that in a few years any one of those students could end up a judge.

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