Leftists Prepare Disgusting Display Ahead Of Trump’s London Visit That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Leftists rally against Trump and prepare to protest the President’s arrival in the United Kingdom next month. The protesters plan to showcase a 20-foot-tall baby meant to look like Trump. Their pompous display was reportedly paid for using crowdfunding, but what exactly are they protesting?

According to the Washington Examiner, head organizer Leo Murray, said “moral outrage has no effect on Trump because he has no shame, he’s immune to it,” said head organizer Leo Murray, according to NBC News, which described him as a climate campaigner. “But he has a tremendously fragile ego so ridicule is an effective form of protest.”

“So we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him,” Murray added.

Look down on the leader of the UK’s largest ally? How does that make sense? It’s this level of sheer disrespect that Trump has faced since taking office that seems incomparable to previous administrations.

According to NBC News:

Mass anti-Trump marches have been more than a year in the planning after May first extended an invitation for Trump to visit the U.K. in early 2017.

The largest are planned in London, where organizers of Together Against Trump estimate up to 100,000 people, including labor unions and rights groups, will march through the center of the city to Trafalgar Square.

The people behind last year’s Women’s March are staging a Bring The Noise rally earlier on the same day to end in Parliament Square, opposite the House of Commons. (You can already buy the t-shirt.)

“We’re planning a proper British welcome for Trump,” said Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, 42, a co-organizer of the march and founder of Women in Leadership.

Permission to display the ridiculous mockery reportedly has to come from the  London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has clashed with Trump in the past. So, it’s likely the protest and float will continue on as planned.
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