Levin: Mueller Is A Huge Waste Of Time [Video]

Mark Levin Called Mueller Out On Hannity!

Mark Reed Levin, renowned American lawyer, author, and radio personality appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to chime in on the Bob Mueller investigation.

Levin held nothing back when discussing the lack of evidence, direction, and morality of the Mueller’s investigation. Take a look.


“Talking about the Russia probe, we have a special counsel who is pointed to do, what, investigate collusion. He is investigating everything but collusion. A special counsel does not exist to investigate financial crimes, whether some guy registered as a federal agent or so forth. He is to investigate collusion. Where’s your case, Mr. Prosecutor? What’s it been, six months, eight months? Give us your collusion case,” Levin told host Sean Hannity.

The former chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese also questioned the validity of the so-called pee-tape dossier that features salacious allegations about Trump’s links to Russia.

The dossier, which was commissioned by research firm Fusion GPS, claims that Russia sought to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election—and its findings have been taken seriously by Mueller and the FBI, in a move that Levin also criticized.

“This isn’t a dossier. This is 35 pages of crap that was put together by the Fusion GPS,” Levin said.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC collaborated, used their money to use a law firm to hire this guy, who then hire a British ex-spy, who then works with, among others, the Kremlin. That is collusion.

They put this thing together, and they work it, and they give it to the FBI. Now, the highest levels of the FBI are excited to have this.

They’re even thinking about putting this ex-British spy on their payroll,” he added.

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