Snowflake Caught In The Censorship Flurry Gets A Taste Of What Being A Conservative Is Like

It’s not every day that a feminist sees the light when it comes to politics. Meghan Murphy a long time outspoken feminist has learned an important lesson. After being abused by the Liberally run social media, she realized that she had been wrong about The Right.

Murphy was under the belief, that many liberals share, that those on the right are narrow-minded. But after getting censored repeatedly for expressing herself, she found that she was abandoned by the left. And to her surprise, she was welcomed by the right to express herself freely.

Murphy was censored on Twitter over her posts about transgender people. She was upset about the pronouns variations and could not understand what the big deal is. She posted about it on Twitter and found that it was categorized as hate speech and was apparently off limits for open discussion.

She expressed her outrage over her Twitter account being locked after she regained access, which as you may have guessed caused it to be locked again.

“This is f**king bulls*** @twitter. I’m not allowed to say that men aren’t women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism at all anymore? That a multi-billion dollar company is censoring BASIC FACTS and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is INSANE.”

“What ARE we allowed to say here??? How tf is simply saying ‘men aren’t women’ hateful??? I am losing my goddamned mind over this. Enjoy your brave new world, sjws. Here’s your f***ing social justice … I’m assuming my account is going to get locked again simply for speaking about this. But this is not f***ing ok and I’m not going to let it go silently … Trans activists have been targeting my account for a few months now. Either someone at Twitter or with an in at Twitter has been combing through old tweets and reporting them for “hateful conduct.” Twitter seems to instantly shut my account down without a second thought.”

She then came back with a calmer voice to express how no one on The Left would cover her censored status or mistreatment.

“Hi everyone! I’ve been locked out of Twitter since Monday morning. They demanded I remove the viral tweet complaining about having been locked out last week for saying that men aren’t women. The tweet was at like 20, 000 likes so I guess they didn’t like that.

In any case, I would like to announce that I’ve changed my mind about some things. Brace yourselves. I am tired of the ‘right=bad’/’left=good’ dichotomy. Things are not as simple as that. It’s not ‘good’ to limit ourselves to engaging only with those we already agree with. It is intellectually boring and will not encourage the development of good, coherent, evidence-based ideas, politics, and policies.

Right wing media has been the only media to cover Twitter’s attempts to silence me, and has been the only media to reach out to me. Mainstream, liberal, progressive media continues to refuse to even acknowledge that feminists have a critique of transgender ideology.

In Canada, at least, the media and, more broadly, progressives/the left refuse to say a word about the harassment, bullying, silencing, and threats against those of us who do speak out. The cowardice is appalling.

I am not abandoning my principles, but what I will grant ‘the right’ (or ‘free speechers,’ or whatever you want to call them) is that at least they are interested in engaging with those they may disagree with on various issues. The left, on the other hand, wants an echo chamber. It’s not only boring, but it’s unproductive. How tf are you going to get anywhere by ignoring what so many in the world think and believe? Or by simply vilifying those who don’t toe the line?”

Her honesty was not appreciated by Twitter and as of Saturday, her account is still locked. But at least now she knows where she can express herself freely.

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