Liberals In State Of Panic After Justice Kennedy Puts In Resignation

The Supreme Court is in a state of flux, as Kennedy has decided to retire. Justice Anthony Kennedy has been a swing vote on The Supreme Court of The United States for 31 years. Although he leaned to the conservative side in his recent years, he was considered fair when it came to court decisions. Now Liberals are afraid that Trump will be appointing another conservative Justice which may change the dynamic of our country.

Ted Cruz Commented on the vacancy.

“The Justice Kennedy vacancy, on the other hand, is an opportunity to really have a profound impact on the court. An impact on the court that could last for decades. And I think there is no issue more important, no issue more fundamental to what President Trump has achieved, to what the Senate majority of Republicans have achieved. than nominating and confirming principled constitutionalists to the supreme court and federal courts who will uphold our rights and protect the bill of rights.”

But Liberals did not take the news in stride. They flooded Twitter with profanities and were angry that Kennedy would quit during the Trump Presidency.

For starters, abortion rights are more imperiled now than at any time since Roe v. Wade. And there is no reason to think there won’t be a rollback of gay rights, either, with Kennedy gone.”

A DNC Committee’s reaction was recorded as they too were upset.

How very cool of Justice Kennedy to pour kerosene on the current dumpster fire that is America. The Roe v Wade riots should provide fine entertainment for him in his retirement.”

Justice Kennedy’s retirement is a catastrophe for liberals. Abortion access, same-sex marriage, voting rights, environmental regulations—they’re all on the line now. This is nothing short of a crisis for the left.”

If he were to have quit during the Obama administration Liberals would have been all about changing a conservative judge with a Liberal one. They are just upset that the imbalance happened during a conservative presidency. Cruz has a decent idea as far as this goes anyway. Find a replacement that will defend the constitution. The law of the land as opposed to a partisan Judge who will vote party lines only.

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