Libs Go Nuts Over Kavanaugh’s Common Sense

Liberals and the MSM have been up in arms over the Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh. They believe that he will cause The Supreme Court of the United States to be unbalanced. Despite the fact, the Kennedy was more conservative leaning.

But the lean of the court is not their only concern, as many feel that Kavanaugh with his Christian beliefs, and the help of the conservative-leaning SCOTUS, will overturn Roe vs Wade. So liberals are worried they might have to be responsible for their actions.

So it is only natural that a crowd of protestors would form awaiting Kavanaugh’s arrival to a meeting. The protesters were miffed that Kavanaugh thought better than to show up   He didn’t waste his time with the onslaught of questions. They were just looking for something to attack him about. No one would answer questions in this setting, If they wanted actual conversation they would have scheduled some time with him with a single representative.

The head of the protest commented about it, unaware that Kavanaugh had simply rescheduled to meet at The Capitol.

But this was just one incident. Kavanaugh walked by some protesters at another venue, who were also demanding answers. Bernie Sanders former Digital Voting Director, Melissa Byrne, jumped on Twitter to try and make an issue of Kavanaugh’s silence.

She later called for more protesting with a follow-up tweet.

At , let me know if you want to chat about how to f*** with Republicans to make change happen. We need so much more of this.”

Has the left gone crazy? Tucker Carlson did a segment on this and the more news you come across the more it seems he was right. Where did civil discourse go? Send a representative in. Schedule a meeting. Even is he was too busy to respond, the protests just make them look desperate. But this the modern day Liberal and what Kavanaugh has to deal with because Trump picked him. And we all know that anything Trump is associated with must be attacked by Liberals and the MSM.

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