LIFELONG DEMOCRAT ALAN DERSHOWITZ Says Next Report Will End Mueller Investigation

Alan Morton Dershowitz is an American lawyer and academic scholar of United States’ constitutional law and criminal law.

In the past, his predictions have proven fruitful and after reviewing the IG report, Dershowitz says the end is near for Rober Mueller. According to him, all we need is more documents to be released.

The same documents that the DOJ have been reluctant to let go of. Despite orders, the Department of Justice can’t seem to meet deadlines anymore. We suspect that any new documents will release further proof of corruption and collusion from deep within the justice system.

As Written By Sandy Fitzgerald  With News Max:

Polls indicate Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s approval rating is dropping, and Dershowitz told Fox News the new numbers show what he’d said from the beginning: A special counsel to investigate Russian activities during the 2016 election was never needed.

“An objective, nonpartisan [investigation] would have worked,” Dershowitz said. “It’s quicker…we don’t need to use criminal law as a weapon.”

A special counsel investigation is going slowly, “of course,” said Dershowitz, as that type of probe goes “for the lowest hanging fruit first. They try to get them to flip. Sometimes they sing. In America, do a crime with someone more important, so they can turn you in. That’s how the special counsel works.”

Dershowitz said the big picture, overall, is that the 2016 election “was a disaster in every possible way.”

“We had efforts by Russia impeding the election,” he said. “We had guys up that said let’s stop the election of president trump. We have a big mess. That’s why what we needed a commission to make sure this never happens again. Look, I tried to stop the election of President Trump. I voted for Hillary Clinton. I contributed to her campaign. That’s the American way. To have a high ranking FBI if I believe trying to stop it creates a lack of credibility in the role of the FBI.”

Dershowitz added that he thinks FBI agent Peter Strzok should testify before Congress, but he won’t tell the whole story.

“He will answer by saying, ‘oh, I was joking, it was pillow talk, It was my girlfriend,'” Dershowitz said of Strzok’s anti-Trump messages he exchanged with romantic partner Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer.

“He has to know as an FBI agent there is no such thing as a message that won’t become public,” Dershowitz added. “For him to say ‘I have to stop this [Trump’s election] we need a insurance policy,’  That sends out such a terrible message about the role of the FBI in American politics. The public just won’t accept that. We want clean elections. “

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