Lindsey Graham Makes a Promise That’ll Have Democrats CRUMBLING

Graham plans to go after the very Democrats/people that leaked documents, suggested a lawyer to Ford, and stalled the Ford trial. He also plans to go after Ford’s lawyers for failing to inform Ford that they were willing to travel California for her, yet she was somehow not aware.

Senator Graham was interviewed on the Fox Business show, “Mornings with Maria.”

“I’m want to tell you what is going to happen next if you will allow,” Graham asked. Maria urged him on.

“Ok here is what is going to happen, I’m going to ask Senator Grassley to get to the bottom of how this hearing process was so hijacked. The unethical aspects of it, the slash and burn aspects of it, the effort to delay it, to abuse I think Dr. Ford’s trust. So let me tell we are going to start with the following concept, Dr. Ford said at the hearing that she did not know that the committee was willing to come to California to take her testimony, in a private setting.

Here’s what she said “I just appreciate that you did offer that, I wasn’t clear at what the offer was. If you are going to come out to see me and I would have happily hosted you and then happy to speak with you out there. It wasn’t clear to me that that was the case.” How could they not be clear to her?

Let me tell you what this committee did on sept the 19th the staff told Grassley letter to Katz her attorney,” My staff would still welcome the opportunity to speak with Dr. Ford at a time and place convenient to her. We also offered the committee investigators available to meet with Dr. Ford anywhere anytime, if she would prefer to provide her testimony outside of a hearing setting.”

Sept 22nd: A letter is sent to Ford’s lawyers:

Grassley tweets: “Come to us or we will come to you.”

Letter from Grassley to Feinstein/Democrats:

“I am even willing to have my staff travel to Dr. Ford in California or anywhere else to obtain her testimony.”

Ford’s Lawyers responded:

” Dr. Ford has asked me to let you know she appreciates the various options that you have suggested.”

“So I am going to find out why she did not know her options. I’m going to find out who in Feinstein staff recommended Katz to be Dr. Ford’s lawyer. It is improper for Senators to recommend lawyers to constituents. I’m going to ask if you thought she needed a lawyer as a staff member, why didn’t you come forward and tell the committee about the allegation?

I’m going to try and find out who betrayed Dr. Ford’s trust to remain anonymous. There are threes people and three groups that had the letter: A Democrat congresswoman and her staff, Feinstein and her staff, and I don’t believe Feinstein did this, and Dr. Ford’s lawyers. No friend sent this out to the press, no friend would do this to her the person who sent this anonymous, destroyed her trust betrayed her request to be anonymous had a political agenda

I’m going to get to the bottom of it.  I’m going to find out who on the democratic side leaked an anonymous letter provided to the committee by Senator Gardner with no postmark on it, no return address claiming that Judge Kavanaugh did something wrong in 1988, 1998 in Colorado. Somebody on the democratic side leaked that to NBC News and they ran it as a story. I can not imagine that if a Democratic nominee had been before this committee that NBC would run an anonymous letter provided by Republicans.”

Watch The Video Below.

Where are the rest of the Republicans? Is Graham the only one that is going to do his job? The Democrats need to be kept in check and the rest of the Republicans should be all over this. Trump weighed in earlier on Kavanaugh and still stands for the nominee regardless of the MSM/Democrat smear. It seems the MSM has forgotten the old adage of “innocent until proven guilty” and as it stands he seems to be in the clear.

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