LOL Corey Booker Stumped When Asked How Gun-Control Will Help

The other day CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Dem Presidential Candidate Corey Booker.

Booker struggled to clearly answer a question about how his gun control measures would be able to prevent the recent shooting at Virginia Beach, or any shooting for that matter.

“You said yesterday that mass shootings in America — quote — ‘cannot just go on in our country.’ And you have unveiled a comprehensive gun reform plan,” said Tapper. “Now, ATF says that the two weapons used in the attack were handguns, not semiautomatic assault rifles. And they say that they were purchased legally. How would your plan have stopped this tragedy, if at all?”

“Well, Jake, again, this is a tragedy today, but you know that every single day in the United States of America, in the aggregate, we have mass shootings that go on in neighborhoods like mine,” said Booker non-specifically. “I live in an inner-city black and brown community. You were there yourself. Moments after you left, we had another shooting in my neighborhood.”

Booker continued to talk about Gun Control in general, dodging Tapper’s question. Tapper cut him off and tried to get him back on topic.

But you keep saying — I’m sorry to interrupt, but you keep saying, we’re not helpless. So I’m saying: what would have prevented this tragedy?” he asked again. “I mean, I think that’s one of the issues that people wonder about when there are these horrible tragedies. What steps specifically would have stopped the massacre in Virginia Beach?”

“And you have taken a look at the 16, 17 things we have in my plan that would drop the levels of violence overall, from one-handgun-a-month laws, all the way to investing in the kind of mental health and the kind of community empowerment strategies that would do something about it,” said Booker, not relating any of the sixteen or seventeen (he wasn’t sure) things in his plan to the question.”

In the aggregate, we can do things that dramatically lower the levels of violence in our community,” he went on, and turned the attention to the “gun lobby” rather than answering the question.”

Booker then went off on a tangent about the gun lobby as it was now clear he could not answer Tapper.

“I hear you not talking about this specific massacre, but talking about gun violence in general,” Tapper said, in the calmest burn you’ll see today. “So let’s talk about your proposals in general.”

I guess if anything, Booker learned he needs to be better prepared to answer questions about his policies, and how they relate to the real world. His vague answers were not enough for Tapper.

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