Looks Like Socialist Sanders Might Not Make It To 2020

Bernie Sanders’ prospects are not looking good, as Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are making leaps and bounds in the polls. Warren, in particular, has been eating at Sanders’ supporters. It’s understandable as most of the Dems seem to backing the same issues this time around. Aside from Biden, the rest of the candidates have been echoing each other.

Biden continues to lead the field, backed by 24% of those who say they are likely to attend the Democratic caucuses in Iowa that open the presidential contests next year,” USA Today reported Tuesday. “But Harris has jumped to second place, at 16%, leapfrogging over Sanders, whose support sagged to single digits. At 9%, he finished fourth, behind Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 13%.”

That result tracks with other Democratic primary polls focusing on early primary states. Although none are quite as dire for Sanders as the Suffolk poll,¬†Real Clear Politics shows major drops¬†for Bernie across the board. In most cases, Sanders is either tied with or behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and in some more recent polls, Sanders drops to fourth place, behind Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who was widely considered to be the breakout star of last week’s debates.

USA Today suggests that the standards are “hardly set in stone,” but Bernie Sanders was dropping in popularity even before last week’s first round of debates. Even as Biden struggled to get footing in the 2020 contest, most of the negative energy seemed to surround the Vermont progressive, especially as Warren surged late in June.”

It is still early for Sanders to call it. But it may be for the best as Sanders and Biden supposedly have the best chance at beating Trump. So we can only hope that they are quickly taken out of the equation. As our country doesn’t need any of these Dems to win.

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