Mad Maxine Waters Bashes Dems That Are Too Afraid To Impeach Trump. [Video]

Well, at least she is consistent. Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters is at it again making with her regular hateful Trump claims. Waters is known for her anti-Trump rhetoric and is constantly making baseless claims about the president. In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Waters felt the need to call out Dems for failing to impeach Trump.

As per usual she dominated the conversation and went on a rant with her common impeach Trump theme. But this time she added that it is the Democrats fault for not stepping up and joining her in impeaching Trump.

“All of the descriptions of what would happen if we move to impeach Trump are basically excuses. Excuses because you know maybe they don’t want to fail at it, maybe they believe Trump will cause a revolt. You know you talk about violence and ya know they accuse others of violence. This president basically said if you move to impeach me my people are going to revolt and maybe some of that is resonating with you know the Senators, the members of Congress, Republican or Democrat, but they are derelict in their responsibilities.

The constitution gives us the responsibility to impeach a president and others in government if in fact, they are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors which we define. I believe that this president is dangerous. I think he has undermined our democracy. I think he’s aligned himself with the enemy, with Putin.¬† He loves dictators. He has literally undone some of the good public policy that has been created for the safety of the citizens of this country and I believe that he certainly qualifies for impeachment.

We may never get it done and maybe Democrats fear that somehow if we move to impeach him maybe his base will grow larger. I don’t think so. I think they are gonna shrink. I think that base is going to shrink because they’re going to see who this president really is.

He’s talking about closing down the government. He’s going to hurt some of the very people he claims to want to support. Many of these people are just workers out there, people who are living on their paychecks day to day. And I want you to know that they can not afford to have their paychecks cut off because this president is going to close down the government. He deserves to be impeached.”

Watch the Video Below.

As you can see Waters is just re-affirming her stance that Trump should be impeached and blaming everyone else for not joining her to do so. This is nonsense Rep Jerry Nadler who would be the incoming Dem to oversee an impeachment, doesn’t think it would work. Trump is a sitting president and unless you can prove abuse of power it would be pointless. Most Democrats see that. It is just Maxine Waters and other fanatical¬†Trump Haters that can’t handle the truth.

They are so focused on trying to get rid of him, that they are failing to do their jobs and work with him to better our country.

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