Mad Maxine’s Makes A Delusional Birthday Rant [Video]

Maxine Waters can’t get spew enough Trump Hate and her birthday wish is no exception. She was on MSNBC and was asked the simple question of what she wants for her birthday. I guess with age did not come wisdom as she described Trump while bashing him.

“I guess no my biggest birthday wish would be that we are able to get a leader of this country who represents us, who has the respect of all of our allies all over the world,” Waters claims.

“Someone who has an appreciation for the constitution, Someone who does not lie every morning when they get up with these tweets, someone who not only respects women but all of the people, and instead of dividing us would take leadership to bring us all together. This is the greatest country in the world. But he is undermining our democracy. He is making us ashamed of him, he is being destructive to this democracy,” she whines.

“This is a man who is criticising NFL players because they are not doing what he thinks they should do, in saluting the flag, in the way that he wants them to.”

Maxine added, “He doesn’t even know the words to The Star Spangled Banner and so he is not truthful. He is a hypocrite and I would wish that we could remove him from office and go about getting the kind of president that we could all be proud of. If he is not impeached, if he can not be impeached, 2020 is coming up and I believe that American people are going to do the right thing for our country, stand up for what is right and get rid of this man who is embarrassing us all.”

Maybe she will give us all a gift and retire early. So we can get a break from her ridiculous rants.

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